[Xymon] bbwin test results not showing up in xymon

DavidB utadavidb at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 21 16:02:58 CEST 2011

I've been debugging an issue and have had no success in resolving it. I'm using a custom test with BBWin 0.12 installed on Windows 2008 R2 server. My test leaves it's results in the designated tmp directory and BBWin picks up the results and deletes them from the folder but the results never get to the xymon server. The results do not show up as a column for the host nor do I get a ghost report. I find nothing in the server logs or the client logs to give my any help. The server is xymon 4.2.0 but I've also tried it against a xymon 4.2.3 instance that I have running. The usual client side tests (cpu, disk, etc) are reporting as expected so that indicates that the client is talking to the server. These tests are currently working properly on a Windows 2003 server (that is about to be taken out of service) with an older xymon client.
Here's my bbwin configuration file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <setting name="timer" value="300" />
    <setting name="bbdisplay" value="xymonserve.mydomain.com:1984" />
    <!-- BB Pager Part -->
    <setting name="usepager" value="true" />
    <setting name="bbpager" value="xymonserve.mydomain.com:1984" />
    <setting name="pagerlevels" value="red purple" />

    <!-- proxy connection settings -->
    <setting name="useproxy" value="false" />
    <setting name="proxy" value="[user:password@]host[:port]" />

    <!-- bbwin mode local or central -->
    <setting name="mode" value="local" />
    <setting name="configclass" value="win32" />

    <setting name="autoreload" value="true" />
    <setting name="timer" value="1m" />
    <load name="cpu" value="cpu.dll" />
    <load name="disk" value="disk.dll" />
    <load name="externals" value="externals.dll"/>
    <load name="filesystem" value="filesystem.dll"/>
    <load name="memory" value="memory.dll"/>
    <load name="msgs" value="msgs.dll"/>
    <load name="procs" value="procs.dll" />
    <load name="stats" value="stats.dll"/>
    <load name="svcs" value="svcs.dll" />
    <load name="uptime" value="uptime.dll"/>
    <load name="who" value="who.dll"/>
    <setting name="loglevel" value="4" />
    <setting name="logpath" value="C:\Progra~2\BBWin\logs\BBWin.log" />
    <!--  If true, the agent will report reporting failures as warning events -->
    <setting name="logreportfailure" value="true" />
    <!-- If true, the agent will always report with green status -->
    <setting name="alwaysgreen" value="false" />
    <setting name="default" warnlevel="80%" paniclevel="95%" />
    <!-- If true, the agent will always report with green status -->
    <setting name="alwaysgreen" value="false" />
    <!-- Level can be given by % or size unit mb, gb, tb -->
    <setting name="default" warnlevel="90%" paniclevel="95%" />
    <setting name="E" warnlevel="90%"  paniclevel="95%" />
    <setting name="C" warnlevel="90%"  paniclevel="95%" />
    <!-- custom rules examples
    <setting name="C" warnlevel="70%" paniclevel="400mb" />
    <setting name="M" ignore="true" /> -->
    <!-- If true, the agent will check remote drives -->
    <setting name="remote" value="false" />
    <!-- If true, the agent will check that cd/dvdrom drives are empty -->
    <setting name="cdrom" value="false" />
    <setting name="timer" value="3m" />
    <setting name="logstimer" value="60s" />
    <load value="C:\Progra~2\PillarWatch\PillarMSGS.exe" timer="2m"  />
    <load value="C:\Progra~2\PillarWatch\PillarTSK.exe" timer="2m"  />
    <load value="C:\Progra~2\PillarWatch\PillarNFS.exe" timer="2m"  />
    <load value="C:\Progra~2\PillarWatch\PillarSAN.exe" timer="2m"  />
    <load value="C:\Progra~2\PillarWatch\PillarHDWR.exe" timer="2m"  />
    <!-- If true, the agent will always report with green status -->
    <setting name="alwaysgreen" value="false" />
    <setting name="physical" warnlevel="95%" paniclevel="98%" />
    <setting name="page" warnlevel="80%" paniclevel="90%" />
    <setting name="delay" value="30m" />
    <match logfile="sys" type="err" alarmcolor="green"  />
    <match logfile="sys" type="warn" alarmcolor="green" />
    <match logfile="app" type="err" alarmcolor="green"  />
    <match logfile="app" type="warn" alarmcolor="green" />

    <!-- Ignore rules -->
    <!-- some procs rules example
    <setting name="drwtsn" rule="-1" alarmcolor="red" />
    <setting name="pageant.exe" rule="=1" comment="Putty agent deamon" /> -->
    <setting name="alwaysgreen" value="false" />
    <setting name="alarmcolor" value="yellow" />
    <setting name="autoreset" value="false" />
    <setting name="Microsoft Forefront Client Security State Assessment Service" value="=started" autoreset="false" alarmcolor="red" />
<!--    <setting name="SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)" value="=started" autoreset="false" alarmcolor="red" />
    <setting name="Big Brother Hobbit Client" value="=started" autoreset="false" alarmcolor="red" />    
    <setting name="delay" value="60m" />
    <setting name="alarmcolor" value="yellow" />

here's what my registry entries look like:

binpath     REG_SZ     C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\BBWin\bin
etcpath     REG_SZ     C:\Program Files(x86)\BBWin\etc
hostname    REG_SZ     server1.mydomain.com
tmppath     REG_SZ     C:\Program Files(x86)\BBWin\ext

   Note: I changed the tmppath from the default "tmp" - the test results are written to the ext directory

Here's a sample output of a test:

server50.mydomain.com:green Wed 20 9:45:22 2011 [server50.mydomain.com] <center><br>No current messages.</center>

   Note:  The test is being run on server1 but it is testing some functionality on server50 (which is an appliance that can't run xymon client) and reporting it as server50.

 If anyone can shed any light on this issue I would appreciate it.

David B

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