[Xymon] Problem with long ipv6 address

Anders Liljegren anders.liljegren at uadm.uu.se
Wed Jul 20 16:27:05 CEST 2011


The command netstat under Linux truncates long ipv6 adresses. This has the effect that rules like the following does not work as expected:

 PORT LOCAL=2001:6b0:b:231:130:238:31:23:22 STATE=LISTEN MAX=1 "TEXT=SSHD v6"

An ugly workaround is to truncate the string in the rule also:

 PORT LOCAL=2001:6b0:b:231:130:238:3:22 STATE=LISTEN MAX=1 "TEXT=SSHD v6"

A better solution would be for xymon to use the flag "-T" on the netstat command under Linux. Other operative systems may need other flags or need no flag.

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