[Xymon] httpstatus inconsistency (yellow masks red)

Troy Adams troy at athabascau.ca
Wed Jul 13 19:26:15 CEST 2011

I see another bit of evidence that my monitoring server masks red with 

In '/home/xymon/data/hist/ldap': 
  ldap 1310510981 1310510371 610 re gr 2
  ldap 1310510981 1310510981 0 ye re 1
  ldap 1310512082 1310510981 1101 gr ye 1

The web page interprets the above as:
  Tue Jul 12 17:08:02 2011 	green 	17:59:36
  Tue Jul 12 16:49:41 2011 	yellow 	0:18:21
  Tue Jul 12 16:49:41 2011 	red 	none
  Tue Jul 12 16:39:31 2011 	green 	0:10:10

The notifications sent out were:
  Tue Jul 12 16:55:07 2011 ldap.ldap (xx.xx.xx.xx) email at address[162] 1310511307 0
  Tue Jul 12 17:08:02 2011 ldap.ldap (xx.xx.xx.xx) email at address[162] 1310512082 0 1101
  (a yellow notification followed by a recovery notification)

Being that the LDAP service was down (red) until 17:08 it looks like the yellow masked that fact.

I am using Xymon 4.3.2.

I will be very grateful for any ideas or confirmation of this behavior.



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