[Xymon] Devmon oid with dynamic hosts

kconnell at ryerson.ca kconnell at ryerson.ca
Wed Jul 6 17:49:14 CEST 2011

Trying to poll/graph CPU stats for some L2 workgroup switches. it works fine, except its possible for the stack to be 1 unit or up to a max of 8 units.
If I set 8 diff oids to poll for each unit it will work fine with a 8 unit stack, but if the stack is lower in count, then I get the "clear icon" for the units that don't exist.....

I understand, yea that's correct, some of the polls are done on units that don't exist, but that's fine, cause they don't. 

Can I have it poll for all 8 units, but show only for those that answer ? Or maybe don't show clear for those polls ?

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