[Xymon] R: ESX Hosts

alessandro.tinivelli at monrif.net alessandro.tinivelli at monrif.net
Tue Jul 5 18:40:16 CEST 2011

Thank you for asking and reposting the discussion, I've decided to give it a try

I've got the following instructions
Super-short outline how to get your ESX-monitoring up and running with VMX:
1. fetch the vMA from VMware from above url and install it.
2. install a xymon-client on the vMA, rpm available from
3. install VMX on vMA (client-extension script) and on the xymon-server (for data-processing and graphing)

1. easy and done
2. how to install xymon-client on the vMA which has root disabled?
3. ... I'm not actually able to understand what VMX is: googling " Vmware Monitor for Xmyon" or " Vmware-Monitor for Xmyon (VMX)" only finds a few pages on this mailing list archive and nothing to be downloaded and installed :(

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