[xymon] beta3 ping test

Henrik Størner henrik at hswn.dk
Mon Nov 29 23:47:12 CET 2010

In <4CF42BA4.7090309 at logicaltech.com.au> Roland Soderstrom <rolands at logicaltech.com.au> writes:

>I installed the beta3 in my test env. and conn is always red for all
>hosts. (all Solaris 9/10)
>I choose to use Solaris /usr/sbin/ping as the "FPING" bin when I
>conf/compiled, nothing complained.
>Running manually works OK.

You cannot just use any "ping" tool - it has to be xymonping- or
fping-compatible. The default Solaris "ping" is not.

Xymon expects a ping tool that will accept a list of IP-adresses 
to check on stdin, and writes the result on stdout in the form is alive (0.03 ms)
or is unreachable


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