[xymon] 4.3.0 beta 3 upgrade issue

Jason Chambers Jason.Chambers at geosoft.com
Tue Nov 16 21:53:17 CET 2010

Ooops, brain fart! 

I have no idea why I confused xymon for xymoncmd. Thanks, that solved my problem! :)

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In <018528ADB17A124D84DD0D081A4C82D22B5CB5DC at exchange.geosoft.com> Jason Chambers <Jason.Chambers at geosoft.com> writes:

>I know Henrik is about to grill me shortly as soon as I send this 

Not quite - I was away from my pc for an hour or so :-))

>So, in my status monitor, I still have my xymon server having a purple 
>status for hobbitd_rrd when I already have a column for xymond_rrd.
>When I try to drop that service, I get the following.

>./xymoncmd "drop construct.geosoft.com hobbitd_rrd"
>2010-11-16 14:33:29 Using default environment file 
>2010-11-16 14:33:29 execvp() failed: No such file or directory

"xymoncmd" is the new name for the "bbcmd" command. You want the new "bb" command which is just called "xymon". (See ? There really is some logic to it). So try this:

./xymon "drop construct.geosoft.com hobbitd_rrd"

The command you use ends up trying to run a program called "", and you obviously don't have such a program installed.

BTW, you shouldn't have neither a hobbitd_rrd or xymond_rrd status, since that points to these programs having crashed. So once you drop it, I hope it won't show up again.


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