[xymon] fedora upgrade from 13 to 14 crashed hobbitd_rrd

Henrik Størner henrik at hswn.dk
Thu Nov 11 23:06:31 CET 2010

On Thu, 11 Nov 2010 20:45:24 +0000, Henrik "Størner" wrote:

> In <018528ADB17A124D84DD0D081A4C82D22B5C61FB at exchange.geosoft.com> Jason
> Chambers <Jason.Chambers at geosoft.com> writes:
>>- Program crashed
>>Fatal signal caught!
>>Anyone know how I can resolve this issue? The tail end of rrd-status.log
>>lo= oks like this:
>>2010-11-11 14:43:34 RRD error updating
>>/home/hobbit/data/rrd/xxx.yyy.com/di= sk,H.rrd from This
>>RRD was created on another architecture
>>The funny thing is, the architecture never changed. I just upgraded
>>Fedora = Core from version 13 to 14.
> Could it be an upgrade from a 32-bit to 64-bit version of the RRD
> library?

I think the problem has been found, but it might be difficult to fix.
Look at the Bugzilla discussion in the Fedora mailing list:

Apparently the glibc folks implemented a new version of the glibc
routine that does memory-copies fin Fedora 14. And unlike the old
version, this one corrupts data when copying between memory areas
that overlap.

Stricly speaking, doing that is not valid. But it is apparently
quite common - the Bugzilla entry lists quite a few apps that
break because of this change - and it has worked until the change
in glibc. So the glibc maintainers is taking the "not a bug - won't fix" 

In which case the problem has to be fixed in all of the applications
and libraries that do the invalid memcpy, i.e. the rrdtool library
in this case.


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