[xenon] Xymon : how is data flow in case of xenon

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If you add the demon software to monitor your network devices, it uses the pull method polling the devices via snip.

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>i have one doubt regarding data flow (communication) in case of xymon  in
>the sense that  server-client architecture of xymon follows push or pull of
>data ?
>In case of xymon as how data flows from server to clients or clients to
>server ? How the data of external ( extention/ custom scripts ) scripts is
>available with server. How xymon handles all tests data? does it (server)
>pulls all data from clients or clients sends their data to xymon? or there
>is two way data flow?

By default, the clients push data to the Xymon server.

You can setup a pull-system, using the "hobbitfetch" and "msgcache" tools,
but the push-method scales better.

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