[xymon] linux disk space issue

Henrik Størner henrik at hswn.dk
Thu Nov 4 21:29:59 CET 2010

In <201011041255.01527.tommyk66 at newsguy.com> Tom Kauffman <tommyk66 at newsguy.com> writes:

[running out of inodes]

>To the best of my knowledge, the only Linux filesystem that handles this well 
>is reiserfs and that's been deprecated. The only way to set the inode ratio is 
>at file system create/format time. 

Personally, I prefer XFS as filesystem on "large" filesystems, including those
that I use for storing Xymon data. So far I've been running out of space
before I ran out of i-nodes. If need be, I believe it can be tuned without having
to re-format the filesystem.


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