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Hello all,

The below message was pulled from the xymon mailing list. Does anyone
know if the code changes mentioned below were ever made available



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Here is a screenshot of mine.  I've re-written nearly all of the code
to base everything on CSS, created new images and replaced the menu.
I was next going to undertake replacing the tables with DIVs, but that
was a little more daunting especially since I know nothing about C.
As it is, it took me a TON of trial and error, but I'm reasonably
happy with the output.

I did this last summer.


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Hi All

As we are in a planning stage I need YOUR help. One of the things we
have on our hit list is the web interface(might be for a later
Here is how you can help. Send me the resolutions of the screen you
most commonly use to view your Xymon pages. This information will help
greatly with the development going further.
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