[hobbit] Strane one.

Iain M Conochie iain at shihad.org
Fri May 28 10:16:04 CEST 2010

On 28/05/10 08:43, Neil Franken wrote:
> Hi Xymonsters
> I got a interesting one. At a site we have a DC/Exchange machine that
> has gone purple on the ports, procs and svcs tests. I had a look at the
> hobbit column and found the following message. Oversize data/client msg
> from truncated (n=6562423, limit 524288). It turns out to be
> the dc/exchange server with the purple columns. I had a look at the NT
> event log we are pulling is huge due to a security issue. Any ideas on
> how to resolve this? The network guys at this site is well let's just
> say Mine Sweeper Consultants Solitaire Experts(aka MCSE no offence to
> the decent ones out there) that cannot resolve the security issue.
> Can one set this size in hobbit?


In hobbitserver.cfg you could add the following:


This will allow 12 Meg of data. This may be too high for your tastes to 
change to suit



> Regards
> Neil
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