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I have installed Hobbit on a Dell R-610 on CentOS 5.4.

I have installed Net:SNMP so that I can query a MIB.


I am looking for a good setup guide/HOW-TO to integrate a test to
controlling an ICON on a device.

I must be searching in the archive for the wrong string.


I want to test a MIB or MIBs and then trigger a change in the ICON red,
yellow, green

    e.g. temperature of a device, or reserve power in a UPS


I am also looking for a GOOD J HOW-TO for setting up DEVMON on the Xymon

It seems that it can read the bb-hosts file to find the devices to

But then again, I read that you have to edit a configuration file for
the device and the test to run.

I could not find a good testing info source of the options that are

If you use the config file does it then only test the devices in the
configs file vs. the bb-hosts file?




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