bbproxy crashes when one of our hobbitds goes down

Amelia Nilsson amelia at
Thu May 27 13:33:19 CEST 2010

Hi all!

We're experiencing some problems with bbproxy that crashes when one of
the hobbitds it's sending data to goes down. I've been working to
reproduce this problem in a testing environment and it's very easily
reproduced. My test environment contains of two hobbitds, a bbproxy and
one client, the client is reporting to the hobbitds through the bbproxy.
When I stop one of the hobbitds it take about 10-30 seconds before
bbproxy crashes. 

When this one client sends data every 1 minute the bbproxy will survive
one of the hobbitds going down and start sending data to it when it
comes up again. However, in our production environment we push one
message per second through our bbproxy and when I push one message per
second through bbproxy in my testing enviroment I experience the same
problem as in my production environment, bbproxy crashes. To recover
from this I need to start up the hobbitd again and all of our bbproxys.

I've gathered some data från bbproxy with strace which you could find

Best regards,
Amelia Nilsson

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