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TJ Yang tjyang2001 at gmail.com
Mon May 24 13:10:26 CEST 2010

Hi, Ultric

Nice to see you speak up on hobbit windows client issue.
I didn't have a need to run hobbit client on windows at work thus I
wasn't paying too much attention on this subject.

I quickly browsed the src code at

One question to you,
Does Mr. Big hobbit client support client side binary/module update
from central hobbit  server ?

On Sun, May 23, 2010 at 3:33 AM,  <ulric at siag.nu> wrote:
> Citerar Neil Franken <nfranken at theunlimitedworld.co.za>:
>> some development for BBwin to monitor SQL Server specifics. While BBwin is
>> easy to use and quiet extensible I think it needs a major shot of new
>> development.

> I think Hobbit needs *any* maintained Windows client. I am the author of the
> Mr Big client, which I wrote for my previous employer. When I quit in April
> I warned that since my new employer doesn't use Hobbit I would no longer
> maintain the client, so they would eventually need to find a replacement for
> me or a replacement for Mr Big.
> As it is, the situation wrt monitoring Windows servers with Hobbit is:
> - Big Brother client: costs $$$ and is ignored by Quest. Not an option.

Can you explain more about " BB client is ignored by Quest" part ?
Are you saying even one pay for bb windows client license, Quest is
still not provide good support on BB Client ?

> - BBwin: abandoned in 2008.
I am not sure if BBWin got abandoned by the original author but I am
having hard time to reproduce a WinXP  development box.

> - Mr Big: relatively up to date, but currently unmaintained afaik.

I hope you still stick around in xymon community using your  free time.

> - Xymon.net: rumourware.
> Mr Big is licensed under GPL, so if anybody wants to pick up development,
> fork the code or whatever you are free to do so. It is pretty easy to set up
> a cross-compiling environment using free Gnu tools. Contact me if you want
> and/or need pointers.

If Mr Big is functional equivalent to BBwin, then I will roll you src
into main xymon src tree.

Using same src tree and dev machine to create binary for Unix(and
MacOSX) and Windows is a great time-saver for xymon development work.

> Ulric
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T.J. Yang

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