[hobbit] Xymon Protocol

ulric at siag.nu ulric at siag.nu
Sun May 23 10:33:56 CEST 2010

Citerar Neil Franken <nfranken at theunlimitedworld.co.za>:

> some development for BBwin to monitor SQL Server specifics. While 
> BBwin is easy to use and quiet extensible I think it needs a major 
> shot of new development.

I think Hobbit needs *any* maintained Windows client. I am the author 
of the Mr Big client, which I wrote for my previous employer. When I 
quit in April I warned that since my new employer doesn't use Hobbit I 
would no longer maintain the client, so they would eventually need to 
find a replacement for me or a replacement for Mr Big.

As it is, the situation wrt monitoring Windows servers with Hobbit is:

- Big Brother client: costs $$$ and is ignored by Quest. Not an option.

- BBwin: abandoned in 2008.

- Mr Big: relatively up to date, but currently unmaintained afaik.

- Xymon.net: rumourware.

Mr Big is licensed under GPL, so if anybody wants to pick up 
development, fork the code or whatever you are free to do so. It is 
pretty easy to set up a cross-compiling environment using free Gnu 
tools. Contact me if you want and/or need pointers.


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