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I use xymon to monitor a couple of irc server from my network.
The bb-host file looks like this :    irc1.domain.tld # telnet:6667    irc2.domain.tld # telnet:6667   irc2.domain.tld # telnet:6667  hub1.domain.tld # telnet:6667

I works great until today :
1/ irc2.domain.tld goes down => xymon send me an alert =>  Monitoring works
great !
2/ I change the DNS of irc2.domain.tld to "CNAME irc.domain.tld" (round
robin on other ircX.domain.tld) to redirect user.
3/ 5 minutes after the propagation of the new dns ... xymon says that
irc2.domain.tld is back online (which is right for the dns, but not for the
IP address ...)

I check the "conn" page of "irc2.domain.tld", and it gives an ip from the
round robin of irc.domain.tld ==> So, before making the test, xymon resolves
the hostname instead of directly using the IP address.).

For me, the hostname is only here to show something "digest" on the web
page, I would like to run every test on the ip (including conn and telnet on
my case)....

Any idea on a way to change this ?

Nicolas G. / meepmeep
[ Admin]
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