Question about Server Status Forwarding

David Morgan captkras at
Mon May 10 15:39:22 CEST 2010

We are starting to deploy multiple "collector" servers.  What we want
is to have Hobbit Server A collect from it's local group, Server B to
collect from its local group, and Server C to collect for its local
group.  (By local group, I mean IP address and physical location

Then we want to have Server A and Server C send the status messages
that they have collected to Server B.

I THOUGHT all that needed to be done was to put in the following:

[snip from hobbitserver.cfg on Server A]

BBDISP=""                # IP of a single hobbit/bbd server
BBDISPLAYS="<Server A IP>,<Server B IP>"          # IP of multiple
hobbit/bbd servers. If used, BBDISP must be

However, it appears that all the entries that are being forwarded are
coming in as ghosts.  Is there something else I need to do on ServerB?
 Or on the client side?  Should I be using BB-proxy?  There isn't any
firewall or proxying between the groups.


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