[hobbit] Custom graphs in Xymon

White, Bruce bewhite at fellowes.com
Sat May 8 00:13:44 CEST 2010

Notice the name of the data field in your rrd file:


It does not match the edge02 in your other definitions.   Not sure why
its assigning that name, but that looks to me to be the problem.


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I'm having an issue with creating a system graph in Xymon.

The script outputs the following on the page:

      Fri May 7 16:42:19 SAST 2010

edge01 : 5
edge02 : 7
edge03 : 2
edge04 : 6

hobbitgraph ncv:fmsconns	 	  Zoom graph 


Its a script to monitor concurrent connections so its value goes up and

In hobbitserver.cfg, i have the following:


in hobbitgraph.cfg
        TITLE Fmsconns info
        YAXIS Connections
        GPRINT:pct:LAST: \: %3.1lf (cur)
        GPRINT:pct:MAX: \: %3.1lf (max)
        GPRINT:pct:MIN: \: %3.1lf (min)
        GPRINT:pct:AVERAGE: \: %3.1lf (avg)\n

On the 

I used the howto @ http://www.hswn.dk/hobbit/help/howtograph.html as a
but its clear i'm lacking some understanding. I'm guessing the contents
in hobbitgraph.cfg
is off as i'm doing an rrdtool dump and the output looks ok?

        <lastupdate> 1273230835 </lastupdate> <!-- 2010-05-07 13:13:55
SAST -->

                <name> jhbedge01optinetnet </name>
                <type> DERIVE </type>
                <minimal_heartbeat> 600 </minimal_heartbeat>
                <min> NaN </min>
                <max> NaN </max>

                <!-- PDP Status -->
                <last_ds> 4 </last_ds>
                <value> 0.0000000000e+00 </value>
                <unknown_sec> 0 </unknown_sec>

                <name> jhbedge02optinetnet </name>
                <type> DERIVE </type>
                <minimal_heartbeat> 600 </minimal_heartbeat>
                <min> NaN </min>
                <max> NaN </max>

                <!-- PDP Status -->
                <last_ds> 3 </last_ds>
                <value> 7.9207920792e-02 </value>
                <unknown_sec> 0 </unknown_sec>

Anyone have any ideas/tips?


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