[hobbit] red conn lights in xymon

Malcolm Hunter malcolm.hunter at gmx.co.uk
Thu May 6 00:03:34 CEST 2010

> I find compiling from source to be a considerable waste of time. In a
> scenario where I have none of the dependencies for Xymon, that means
> compiling each and every one of them (sometimes finding that you're
> missing a dependency whilst trying to compile another dependency). Also,
> you're left either putting everything in one directory, or having a
> complicated FHS-style install where it's basically impossible to go back
> and remove it should you want to later. Also, you're generally stuck
> patching your own software, which is also a hassle.
> I tend to get the feeling that the "from source" people are either
> old-fashioned (not a bad thing, just a way of doing things that perhaps
> used to be more necessary) or must have staffing levels way above mine.
> I certainly would say that one should know HOW to compile from source in
> a pinch, but that it's really just not necessary on many platforms.

True in many cases but installing pre-requisites and compiling Xymon is so trivial, it's certainly better than using the very old packages that are provided by most distros.


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