[hobbit] BBWin Central vs Local Configuration

Malcolm Hunter malcolm.hunter at gmx.co.uk
Thu Nov 26 16:43:05 CET 2009

Hi Peter,

> > Does anyone know why the information displayed on Xymon is so different
> depending on whether you set BBWin to use centralised or local
> configuration?
> In central mode, bbwin behaves like a normal, regular Xymon client.
> Which means: show all information available and have it checked
> (validated) on the server.

Thanks for the reply. I sort of figured that might be the case.

> > In centralised mode, it seems to be hit or miss whether it reports on
> events in the system log (some clients work, some don't), whereas in local
> mode it works fine.
> Also, here you have to modify on the central server your configfiles.
> You must tell the clients to monitor the local logfiles:
> Central mode? Configure clients-local.cfg as follows:
> [win32]
> eventlog:security
> ignore some_example_string
> eventlog:application
> ignore information
> eventlog:system
> ignore information

I'd created a client-local.cfg file but a few servers didn't seem to want to report on the System event log.

I've come up with a solution - run a script from the "externals" section in BBWin.cfg and download the BBWin.cfg from the Xymon server using BBWinCmd.exe. This allows the client to use the local configuration mode but be centrally configured.

I had to be a bit clever with the scripting - i.e. validate the downloaded file before overwriting the existing one, but this method works nicely. I've even added the option to download .vbs scripts and othe .cfg files. When I've finished refining it, I'll post my work to Xymonton - in case anyone else is interested.



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