[hobbit] Procs --> output of a process from ps -ef is too long

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Subject: [hobbit] Procs --> output of a process from ps -ef is too long


Hello guys,

im having some problems to monitor processes with a long output (most of
them are java processes). Hobbit seems to cut the output at certain size
and i have to look for a string which appears at the end of the output.

where can i change this length limit?


I had the same problem, also with java processes.


Assuming you are using Linux, look in the
~hobbit/client/bin/hobbitclient-linux.sh, look for the line

echo "[ps]"


Change the 'ps ' command which follows according to your systems

For example, under SLES, I had to add 'ww' and changee it to:

ps -Aww -o pid,ppid,user,start,state,pri,pcpu,time,pmem,rsz,vsz,cmd




Tom Brand

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