bb-hosts class override

nick.nauwelaerts at nick.nauwelaerts at
Fri Nov 20 15:52:53 CET 2009

i can't seem to find a way to get the class override in bb-hosts to
work. we have a bunch of servers running several linux versions. them
being linux the report their status like this by default (gathered from
client vl143,eu,compumark,com.linux linux

this will make them fall into the CLASS=linux in hobbit-clients.cfg. i
would however like them to be recognized under a different class, being
sles11. this can be done by changing the CONFIGCLASS on the client in
hobbitclient.cfg, but i'd prefer not to do such configuration on each
client, limiting my configuration to the server. as such, i've added the
following to my bb-hosts: # ssh CLASS=sles11

however, this does not seem to force the client under the sles11 class.

if i change the CONFIGCLASS on the local client, it does work, verifying
that my class configuration in hobbit-clients.cfg on the server is
correct. in this case the client would report it's class as such:
client vl143,eu,compumark,com.linux sles11

how does one use the CLASS directive in bb-hosts? i've seen this in the
mailinglist archives but alas, without a solution.

our server is running xymon 4.2.2 on sles10 sp2 amd64, our clients are a
mix of sles9, sles10 & sles11 all xymon 4.2.2, all amd64.


// nick

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