[hobbit] cont regex

Andreas Kunberger andreas.kunberger at itv-denkendorf.de
Thu Nov 19 08:44:38 CET 2009

M. Hansen schrieb:
> First off, thanks for coding this amazing piece of software, Henrik.
> I'm trying to do a http content check of my Netgear print server's web
> interface. The print server has two ports, and I'd like to have two
> separate columns that show the status of the two printer ports. I've
> tried to come up with some regular expressions, but they haven't
> worked so far.

I'd write a small extension script,
which first runs your web page through 'w3m -dump'
and then scans in in the resulting text file for your printer lines
to send am message to the xymon server


Andreas Kunberger


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