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thorsten.erdmann at thorsten.erdmann at
Thu Nov 19 08:34:33 CET 2009

> Thanks!  Although this script won't work for testing the already-mounted
> CIFS filesystem, I can perhaps use it as an architectural model for such 
> test on the CIFS FS mount.  But I'm now thinking that anything I do to
> check the status will hang, blocked on IO, unkillable, just like the df
> does, so the effort may be pointless.  Purple may be the best I can do.
That is the exact reason why I did this script. All access to a mounted 
network filesystem (CIFS and NFS) totally blocks if the server is not 
responsible and so the test would hang and get purple. I never understand 
why Unix have no timeout for such situations.

But if you access the cifs share via the smbclient it will not block but 
give an error if the server/share is unreachable. I also have the tested 
filesystem already mounted but test it via my smbclient script anyway. 
That works fine for me. You even see when the password for the CIFS access 
is expired or locked.


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