[hobbit] Hobbit_perl_client_1.21 beastat.pl

Williams, Doug (Consultant-RIC) Doug.Williams at rhd.com
Tue Nov 17 01:26:34 CET 2009

Well, not to flog road-kill, but it was only lightning in a bottle.  Got
it to work for one BEA server instance on the client, and can't
duplicate for other BEA instance on that client. 

Any ideas welcome.


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I got it working.  The key was to include in client's (papp01) Hobbit
bb-hosts the hostname of the server (papp01) where the BEA Weblogic
instance resides, so I have the following in the client's (papp01)
Hobbit's bb-hosts:

# Servers   papp01          # ssh ntp 
# BEA Servers prdAcrm1_01     # noconn nodisp beastat prdAcrm1_01.crmServer   # noconn beaping 

And all of the above also in the Hobbit Server's bb-hosts

Not sure if commenting out the BBVAR check is the expected way to get it
past the missing BBVAR check, but it works.


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