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Thu Nov 12 18:13:38 CET 2009

Hello All;

I am running xymon 4.2.2 and I am curious about the following:

1.  I would like to hyperlink all of my hosts, perhaps with a few excludes, to something using the following?

~/server/bin/bbgen --docurl=http://systeminfo/ServersForm.aspx?name=%s

The problem is that my pages get totally messed up (broken gifs), then a few seconds later recover.  I know that I must be using bbgen improperly, so I am hoping for a few pointers in the right direction so that my entries for my hosts are shown with hyperlinks to additional info as shown when the link is visited. Is their an entry that I must make in a file under etc?  I've looked and am unable to find any.

2.  My prior version of BB BTF has a legend at the bottom, is their any way to show the legend at the bottom of xymon?  A few of my users are asking for this as they are clueless to what the icons all mean.

Thank you!


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