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Mon Nov 9 10:39:34 CET 2009

Hi there,

I'm running XYmon 4.3.0-beta2 on the main server and XYmon 4.3.0-0.20080929 on
the standby server.
Both servers are running Debian 5.0.3 and XYmon was compiled from source.
Now I'm experiencing a strange problem.
I added some alerts to hobbit-alerts.cfg that should do the following:

 if a service (cluster, conn, disk, ports, procs or eDIR) is switching to red
and stays red for more than 15 minutes a mail will be sent to a defined address.
No repeat.

I created a macro with the following parameters:

 $NOVELL=MAIL user at domain.tld REPEAT=0 COLOR=red RECOVERED EXHOST=%-rib.*
SERVICE=cluster,conn,disk,eDIR,ports,procs DURATION>15

and below that I created the alert entry:


When I run bin/hobbitd_alert --config=etc/hobbit-alerts.cfg --dump-config it
expands to:

        MAIL user at domain.tld FORMAT=TEXT REPEAT=0 EXHOST=%-rib.*
SERVICE=cluster,conn,disk,eDIR,ports,procs COLOR=red DURATION>15 RECOVERED 

which seems to be ok.

Also when I look at the info page of one of the servers it looks good:

ServiceRecipient1st DelayStop afterRepeatTime of DayColors
conn	user at domain.tld(R)	15m	-	-	-	red	
disk	user at domain.tld (R)	15m	-	-	-	red	
eDIR	user at domain.tld (R)	15m	-	-	-	red	
ports	user at domain.tld (R)	15m	-	-	-	red	
procs	user at domain.tld (R)	15m	-	-	-	red	

But last night the service ports went down for over 4 hours on 1 client and
XYmon sent out emails every minute which should not be done if I understood the
configuration right.
It did send the mails from both servers although [bbpage] is disabled on the
standby server.

What I am doing wrong? I had a similar problem on another XYmon server (4.2.0)
and there I set the REPEAT to 1 day and it disappeared. But that can't be the

Any help would be appreciated.

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