how to decrease default step of 300sec to 60sec in hobbitd_rrd

Norbert Kriegenburg norbert.kriegenburg at
Sat Nov 7 23:51:51 CET 2009

Hi guys,

we are monitoring with BigBrother/bbgen/xymon since a couple of years now
with great success.
Nothings beats the flexibility and speed of xymon.

But now I have a problem I can't find a solution for (xymon 4.2.3. on

I have to design all the rrd files to collect data with a cycle of 60sec
insted of the default 300sec.
I found the places where I have to set up the new definitions of the RRAs
in  hobbitd_rrd.c:

static char rra1[] = "RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:2880";  /* 60s for 2d */
static char rra2[] = "RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:5:20160";  /* 60s for 2w */
static char rra3[] = "RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:15:5760"; /* 900s for 8w */
static char rra4[] = "RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:60:12096"; /* 1h for 18m */
static char rra5[] = "RRA:MAX:0.5:1:2880";
static char rra6[] = "RRA:MAX:0.5:5:20160";
static char rra7[] = "RRA:MAX:0.5:15:5760";
static char rra8[] = "RRA:MAX:0.5:60:12096";

and the definitions in do_*.c to: sprintf(dsdef, "DS:lambda:%s:120:U:U",
and so on to reflect the shorter cycle.

Compiled everything, and copy the new hobbit_rrd as hobbit_rrd1minute into
I created a new channel (in parallel to the working hobbit_rrd) with own
rrd-dir and logfile:

    ENVFILE /opt/xymon/server/etc/hobbitserver.cfg
    NEEDS hobbitd
    CMD hobbitd_channel --channel=status --log=
$BBSERVERLOGS/rrd-status1minute.log hobbitd_rrd1minute --rrddir=

Everything is working, the rrdfiles where created, but if I do a "rrdtool
info examplefile.rrd", I only find the default step of 300s:

rrd_version = "0003"
step = 300
last_update = 1257631284
ds[lambda].type = "GAUGE"
ds[lambda].minimal_heartbeat = 120

There are no values collected ("NaN"), and all files where updated only
every 5min and not every 60s.

I did'nt find the place, where I can define the rrdcreate with  "--step

Unfortunately I have no chance to switch everything to extra-scripts,
because we have a quite complex and dynamic environment in our monitoring
and I'm  glad, that everything is running smooth (mostly using SPLITNCV).

Any hints, what I have to change to collect my rrd-values with a 60sec

help is greatly appreciated
thank you

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

Norbert Kriegenburg

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