[hobbit] possible issue with two hobbit servers reporting for the same client?

Greg Hubbard glh.forums at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 22:42:09 CET 2009

"However, Xymon doesn't seem to honor the above DISK entries and still marks
"/export/data/subdir/subdir2/log" and "/export/data/subdir/subdir2/log2" as
red when it hits 90%+ due to the DEFAULT entry."

Is the DEFAULT entry above or below this?  Xymon stops at the first match.

You might try hard coding something instead of using the fancy $MACRO just
to separate the problems of "is my DISK statement right" from "is my fancy
$MACRO right".


On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 2:40 PM, Matthew Moldvan <mmoldvan at csc.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I have a question on monitoring separate filesystems with different
> thresholds.  My hobbit-clients.cfg file on the Xymon server includes the
> following:
> (Names changed to protect the innocent of course).
> $MACRO=%^(asdf|qwer|jalopy).*(a|s|h|l).xyz.com
>         DISK    / 90 95 GROUP=SOMEONES_PAGER
>         DISK    %^/.+$ 90 95 GROUP=SOMEONES_EMAIL
>         DISK    %^/export/data/subdir/subdir2/log.* 95 99
> However, Xymon doesn't seem to honor the above DISK entries and still marks
> both "/export/data/subdir/subdir2/log" and
> "/export/data/subdir/subdir2/log2" as red when it hits 90%+ due to the
> DEFAULT entry.
> We recently migrated to Xymon from an aging Big Brother monitoring
> infrastructure, which had bb-dftab that had to be on all clients.  From my
> understanding all of this is now handled on the server but the above just
> doesn't seem to be working.
> My questions at this point are:
>         - Are my regular expressions specified correctly?
>         - Does Xymon support full extended regular expressions?  (e.g. the
> difference between grep and egrep on Sun systems)
>         - Is my understanding of the above accurate with respect to alerts
> about file system monitoring being generated on the server?
> Thanks,
> Matt.
> Unix System Administrator
> Computer Science Corporation
> General Dynamics Land Systems
> 38500 Mound Rd.
> Sterling Heights, MI.  48310
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