[hobbit] possible issue with two hobbit servers reporting for the same client?

Matthew Moldvan mmoldvan at csc.com
Thu Nov 5 21:40:08 CET 2009

Hello everyone,

I have a question on monitoring separate filesystems with different 
thresholds.  My hobbit-clients.cfg file on the Xymon server includes the 

(Names changed to protect the innocent of course).

        DISK    / 90 95 GROUP=SOMEONES_PAGER
        DISK    %^/.+$ 90 95 GROUP=SOMEONES_EMAIL
        DISK    %^/export/data/subdir/subdir2/log.* 95 99

However, Xymon doesn't seem to honor the above DISK entries and still 
marks both "/export/data/subdir/subdir2/log" and 
"/export/data/subdir/subdir2/log2" as red when it hits 90%+ due to the 
DEFAULT entry.

We recently migrated to Xymon from an aging Big Brother monitoring 
infrastructure, which had bb-dftab that had to be on all clients.  From my 
understanding all of this is now handled on the server but the above just 
doesn't seem to be working.

My questions at this point are:

        - Are my regular expressions specified correctly?
        - Does Xymon support full extended regular expressions?  (e.g. the 
difference between grep and egrep on Sun systems)
        - Is my understanding of the above accurate with respect to alerts 
about file system monitoring being generated on the server?


Unix System Administrator
Computer Science Corporation
General Dynamics Land Systems
38500 Mound Rd.
Sterling Heights, MI.  48310

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