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White, Bruce bewhite at fellowes.com
Wed Nov 4 15:21:28 CET 2009

There is a nice write-up about incorporating custom scripts into hobbit
(xymon) on the help menu @ help->.Tips and Tricks.
The status "dot" will appear by whatever you tell hobbit to place it at
in your "bb" status message.   So the command that Josh put in point #2:

Actually expands to something like:
/hobbit/client/bin/bb  "status myserver.dns.domain Custom_Test
green  Wed Nov  4 08:19:23 CST 2009"
So on your web page a server named myserver.dns.domain with a test
column of Custom_Test with a green status.

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From: Josh Luthman [mailto:josh at imaginenetworksllc.com] 
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Look at http://xymon.com/hobbit-cgi/viewconf.sh miro.hswn.dk # ssh http://miro.hswn.dk/

Then look at the miro.hswn.dk server under the http column here:

Just put your information in.  No custom script needed.

I can't help with custom scripts but the document expressed you need

# Tell Hobbit about it

and you have not done that in your script - that's definitely a concern.
Perhaps looking at other scripts will help you - these are on the
Deadcat and Xymonton here:

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On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 3:40 PM, Payam Jahromi <pjahromi at checkpoint.com>

	I am a newbie to Hobbit, and this is probably a simple question
to answer. Here is what I'm trying to do:


	I have custom scripts I need to incorporate to Hobbit. I saw the
page http://hobbitmon.sourceforge.net/docs/hobbit-tips.html#scripts but
I still don't completely understand it. If I could get 1 of my scripts
set up, then I can probably figure out how to do the rest.


	I have 2 types of custom scripts: client and server. Here is an
example of each. I just need to know exactly how the script would be set
up. Note, I had these running on Nagios before:


	1. (server) this is the custom script we ran on our old
monitoring (nagios):



	WEB_CHECK=`curl http://www.example.com | grep value | wc -l`


	if [ $WEB_CHECK -eq 1 ]


	        echo "Result OK"


	        echo "Failed"

	        exit 2



	Question: Need to know how to incorporate this on the hobbit
server, and where it would show on the GUI?


	2. (client) this is custom script that used "NRPE" on nagios:

	- I have a script that runs on 3 clients, let's call it

	- this script returns an output of a number

	- on the hobbit server, I want to be get the result of this
script for each client, add them together, then alert based on the
number. So here is the script I had on the Nagios server:


	# Script to check transactions on ecom-1/2



	SERVER1=`ssh server1 /usr/local/nrpe/script.pl`

	SERVER2=`ssh server2 /usr/local/nrpe/script.pl`

	SERVER3=`ssh server3 /usr/local/nrpe/script.pl`





	if [ $TOTAL -lt $THRESHOLD ] ; then

	     echo "Number ($TOTAL) Failed"

	     exit 2


	     echo "Number ($TOTAL) Success"

	     exit 0



	Question: How would I incorporate that in Hobbit?




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