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> From: gjohnson at trantor.org
> Josh Luthman wrote:
>> Has anyone seen this? This is just crazy...
>> http://www.bb4.com/bb4-screenshot-tour/index.html
>> Please don't ever let Xymon go down this road.
>> Josh Luthman
>> Office: 937-552-2340
>> Direct: 937-552-2343
>> 1100 Wayne St
>> Suite 1337
>> Troy=2C OH 45373
>> "When you have eliminated the impossible=2C that which remains=2C howeve=
>> improbable=2C must be the truth."
>> --- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
> Seems a lot like Nagios...too busy...but at least they mostly stuck with
> the format. They just added some flash (no pun intended).

In my opinion=2C I am a new user here=2C we shouldn't be limiting the look =
and feel to any one way=2C instead we should have a "skins" option that wou=
ld allow us anything from what they've done=2C to the same ol' BB4 look and=
 feel.=A0 Personally I am tired of the BB look=2C I've been using it for ov=
er ten years and welcome any change in appearance.


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