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Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Mon Nov 2 18:10:58 CET 2009

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Kenneth Falor wrote:
> greetings, in my company we have firewalls with cellular failover/backup
> cards built in them.  I need to be alerted when we fail over to these
> cards.  I am currently pinging the T1 WAN interface and get alerts when
> it goes down, but I need to get an acknowledgement that the cell card
> did in fact fail over and the VPN was re-established. we also want to
> use this alerting to see if the cards are randomly dialing out.
> If I ping the cell cards static IP it is down (red) when it is not
> dialed, so I need alert on green status. I also do not want my main
> status pages to be red all the time.  is there a way to say "red is
> good, but green is bad"?
> Other monitoring tools allow for contingencies like 'if the WAN IP is
> down, then try pinging the WWAN IP, but do not ping WWAN IP until then."
> can hobbit do this?

I can say I'm fairly sure it is possible, I just do not know how off the
top of my head. In Big Brother, this would be done by specifying a test
like !conn or something like that, as in "look for no connection." I'd
expect a quick look at the docs would turn that up for Xymon as well.

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