Hobbit 4.2.0 to Xymon 4.3.0 Beta2 custom graphs fail

Bill Richardson wrichardson at llbean.com
Wed May 27 18:41:53 CEST 2009

I have done a new install of Xymon 4.3.0 beta2. I have copied my old
hobbit 4.2.0 bb-host file over and rrd files. I then made the normal
changes to  /home/xymon/server/etc files. 
All seems to be working fine except for some custom rrd graphs. I have
verified that the entries match from my working hobbit 4.2.0 install
looking at hobbitgraph.cfg and hobbitserver.cfg all is good. I am using
Looking at Xymon's /var/log/xymon/rrd-data.log:
2009-05-27 11:18:56 RRD error updating
/home/xymon/data/rrd/systemx/ANI.rrd from tmplt contains
more DS definitions than RRD
looking at Hobbit's  /var/log/hobbit/rrd-data.log: shows no errors "and
the graphs are working"
Looking at the ANI.rrd file using the "rrdtool info" command I see all
of the DS definitions are correct and match on both Hobbit and  Xymon.
Just to make sure I did a tcpudump and captured what the client was
sending and again its a match for whats in the rrd file. I see no
additonal DS definitions being sent and again this is working in Hobbit
just not Xymon 4.3.0 beta2.
Any thoughts?
Bill Richardson
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