using nc as client

Wendell Turner wendell at
Fri May 22 17:25:36 CEST 2009

I'm not allowed to compile anything on the client host, but
would like to run a xymon/bb client there.

It appears that I can use netcat to send plain text, as in:
cat << EOF | nc 1984
status myclient,com.mycolumn green $D

MyColumn status:
All is OK:
If you can read this, then the script works.


I added a column to the bb-hosts, and ran the script locally
sending data to localhost, and the mycolumn indicator shows
up properly.

However, I can't get data from the real client to show up in
xymon.  I've added the proper firewall rules, and wireshark
shows the proper data over the connection.

Is there something in xymon that only accepts data from
certain hosts?  If so, does xymon always allow

The tips page says to look at the hobbitd indicator for a
report about unknown hosts, but I don't see anything there.
Is that the Ghost Clients report?  I don't see anything
there either.

Is there a log file that shows why xymon rejected input?



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