[hobbit] Multiple Xymon Servers

Christoph Berg cb at df7cb.de
Fri May 22 11:01:47 CEST 2009

Re: Ken Mink 2009-05-19 <4A12DF79.1040600 at minktech.com>
> We've got two xymon servers running 4.3.0-0.20090209. The clients are  
> mostly hobbit 4.2.0. The goal was for the servers to run in parallel and  
> stay in sync. I don't know if I did something wrong, but we're having a  
> problem with the trend graphs and rrd. The rrd-status.log is full of  
> messages like:


we had a similar setup, but dropped it in favor of a single server,
basically because it was too hard to keep the list of disabled (blue)
services in sync. (The server is an ESX VM so unlikely to die anyway.)

> 2009-05-19 12:26:02 RRD error updating  
> /var/opt/hobbit/rrd/myhost.mydomain/la.rrd from illegal  
> attempt to update using time 1242750061 when last update time is  
> 1242750061 (minimum one second step)

Your problem is that you have two hobbitd_client processes running.
Both servers receive "client" reports and will decompile them into
separate disk/vm/... tests. The results are then also sent to the
other server.

You could try either to disable the hobbitd_client module on one
server, or remove the other server in each server's BBDISPLAYS
setting. Both approaches have their drawbacks, though.

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