Asif Iqbal vadud3 at
Mon May 18 23:19:16 CEST 2009

Does this suppose to take care of the rrds and graphs as well?

I installed it on one of my mysql server and I get nice report like this

threads: 1
questions: 3170940
slow queries: 1414
opens: 72
flush tables: 1
open tables: 71
queries per second avg: 2.329
maxcon: 100

Server version: 5.0.75 Source distribution
Uptime: 15 days 18 hours 8 min 44 sec

Server reports timestamp of 2009-05-18 21:16:37

But I do not see any rrd file hence no graph in the mysql column or trend

What am I missing?

Asif Iqbal
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