Hobbit/Devmon disk alert forever yellow

john.r.rothlisberger at accenture.com john.r.rothlisberger at accenture.com
Mon May 18 17:30:33 CEST 2009

I have a recently installed xymon for testing and have added only a
couple hosts, one of which I have also setup devmon.  This one hosts
seems to ignore the defaults set for disk alerts in
server/etc/hobbit-client.cfg.  I am running xymon 4.3.0 beta 2.

I currently have (in hobbit-client.cfg - the only active rules):
        # These are the built-in defaults.
        UP      1h
        LOAD    5.0 10.0
        DISK    * 32 64
        MEMPHYS 100 101
        MEMSWAP 50 80
        MEMACT  90 95

I have set the disk alerts very low for testing purposes.  The two
clients that I refer to are both win2k servers and xymon/devmon are
running on ubuntu server 8.  I have one server with panic alerts as its
disk usage is higher then 64% - this is expected.  I have another host
in which I have also setup devmon but I have NOT setup disk monitoring
under devmon for this host.  This host reports only a yellow alert and
one of its disks is 88% used.  I found this anomaly when this servers
disk was just over 90% and the default was 90/95.  I set the alert to be
higher 97/99 but the yellow alert was still there.  After cleaning up
some space on the disk and bringing it below the 90% mark I expected the
yellow to go away but that hasn't happened either.

Does devmon negate bbwin?  Is there some additional settings that I need
in hobbit-client.cfg to allow for something that devmon is doing?




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