Determining yellow and red level warnings for cpu/load

Josh Luthman josh at
Sun May 17 19:26:53 CEST 2009

Awesome!  Thanks for the information!

On 5/17/09, Xymon User in Richmond <hobbit at> wrote:
> The servers those thresholds are applied to are mostly Dell PE2850
> machines with dual 3.4 single cores, and the values are based on
> experiences over time with where we'll start to get problem tickets based
> on response times.
> On Sun, May 17, 2009 12:08, Josh Luthman wrote:
>> Can I ask why you picked 20 and 30?  Could you share what hardware you're
>> running?
>> On 5/17/09, Xymon User in Richmond <hobbit at> wrote:
>>> Josh, I read it the same way Kim did--that you were literally asking
>>> _how_ to change the values.  I thought it strange that you wouldn't
>>> know given that you're one of the most active contributors on this list
>>> WRT solving config problems, but it seemed you were saying you made
>>> changes and they didn't work.
>>> 5 and 10 are way too low IMO for most scenarios on current
>>> multi-core/multi-processor hardware.  I typically use 20 and 30 for
>>> servers where online response time is important, much higher for
>>> background-type servers like sendmail.
>>> On Sun, May 17, 2009 11:32, Josh Luthman wrote:
>>>> I understand how and I even explained that I have changed the values.
>>>> The default for yellow and red is 5 and 10.  The server that
>>>> introduced the question was increased to 10 and 25.
>>>> My question is what do the other users on this mailing list change
>>>> them to and based on what information?
>>>> On 5/17/09, Kim Johansen <hobbit at> wrote:
>>>>> On Sunday 17 May 2009 03:22:43 Josh Luthman wrote:
>>>>>> I have a server that does does a lot of work all the time - a
>>>>>> vmware server.  Each virtual machine does its own things, but the
>>>>>> host OS has load that gets to 20 at times.  Everything is just as
>>>>>> responsive during these times, so the default load warnings
>>>>>> aren't valid for me.
>>>>>> I changed my alerts based on a test with stress (
>>>>>> Does everyone else just accept the defaults for yellow and red?
>>>>>> If not, how do you increase it?
>>>>> In the help -> Configuring Monitoring is there a good description
>>>>> on how to change default. It is the hobbit-clients.cfg you need to
>>>>> change in, the file it self also have a good description
>>>>> -- Kim Johansen
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