AW: [hobbit] file monitoring with mtime&noexist

Schwarz Frank Frank.Schwarz at
Fri May 15 14:49:11 CEST 2009


I tried to monitor filesize, like this:

file:/var/adm/lastlog in client-local.cfg


FILE /var/adm/lastlog SIZE<200 yellow   in hobbit-clients.cfg

but the result in Xymon is:

File has size 1205958097242064  - should be <8585729928

The File /var/adm/lastlog is about 280k

best regards 

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martin.flemming at a écrit :
> Hi !
> .. i want to monitor the /var/run/ file
> for hanging yum-process ...
> So my hobbit-client.cfg looks like
> FILE  /var/run/ mtime>86400 noexist
> I want an alert, if the file exits and it's older than 24 hours,
> but i've got an alarm if it's exists and not if it's exist and already 
> 24hours old ...
> Got somebody an idea how it works ?
> .. or did i something misunderstood ...
> thanks & cheers
>        Martin
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I needed to do same, so here is what I did :

in client-local.cfg (hosted on xymon server) :

file:`find /var/run -name "" -mtime +86400`

Then in hobbit-clients.cfg (hosted on xymon server too) :

    FILE   /var/run/ red NOEXIST

Of course, you can use yellow instead of red.

Then reload your xymon server (restart is not needed) and wait a little. 
The client on your host will ask xymon server the section in 
client-local.cfg, then it'll apply it, so the changes should take about 
15minutes to be applied.

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