on Hobbit server tracing received data

joost.deheer at getronics.com joost.deheer at getronics.com
Wed May 13 15:16:18 CEST 2009

>	    How do I check (log files or commands) to see what data have 
>	been arriving at the server?  Just want to trace to see what
>	data are arriving and being stored in the rrd's.  When I query,
>	the rrd db data look incorrect.
>	# on client, I'm sending custom data to the server:
>	$BB $BBDISP "data $MACHINE.vmstat2 green `date` 
>	xvar  xval
>	yvar  yval
>	"

(Untested): In hobbitlaunch.cfg, add '--debug' or '--dbghost=[host]' to the launch parameters of hobbitd. See the manpage of hobbitd.


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