clear server:http recovered

Anna Jonna Armannsdottir annaj at
Mon May 11 12:22:41 CEST 2009

Hi all. 
Can anybody explain how to configure the Xymon server not to 
send a recovered message when a status goes clear. 
I do not want to remove the clear status per se, I just want 
the clear status to behave as it should behave, that is UNKNOWN. 
If a status depends on other tests, would it be possible to send 
a message about that. 

I am using version 4.2.0. Has this issue been dealt with in later 

See the following message that was sent as recovered: 

> clear Mon May 11 09:58:33 2009: Server timeout ; Server timeout ; 
> &clear - Server timeout

Kindest Regards, Anna Jonna Ármannsdóttir,       
Unix System Aministration, Computing Services,
University of Iceland.

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