[hobbit] SPLITNCV and graphs

Graham Nayler graham.nayler at hallmarq.net
Fri May 8 16:27:26 CEST 2009

I'm doing what you're after using a custom script instead of SPLITNCV, but 
the two are closely related, and I think this works for what you are doing.

In the file hobbitserver.cfg, add your test name to the GRAPHS entry 
followed by "::1" i.e.

This sets the limit of the number of traces per graph, so set it to 
"test::2" if e.g. you wanted two traces per graph

BTW, I assume there is a typo in your DEF: line below, it should be lambda 
not lanbda


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> Hi,
> How can I get SPLITNCV data to be drawn in seperate graphs not in one.
> For isntance I am going to track:
> value1 : a
> value2 : b
> value3 : c
> valuex : x
> (count of "values" will change randomly)
> then i will get following rrd files (each tracking one value)
> test,value1.rrd
> test,value2.rrd
> test,value3,rrd
> test,valuex,rrd
> and with following hobbitgraph definition
> [test]
>        FNPATTERN test,value(.*).rrd
>        TITLE test
>        YAXIS TEST
>        DEF:p at RRDIDX@=@RRDFN@:lanbda:AVERAGE
>        LINE1:p at RRDIDX@#@COLOR@:@RRDPARAM@ aa
> I am getting one graph with three(or more) lines, but I want to get
> three(or more) seperate graphs with one line each.
> Thanks!
> --
> Gatis
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