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Wed May 6 17:23:30 CEST 2009

Hi Charles,

My name is ernie :) from the UK

I have been having problems with hobbit and url checks through redirects and
your script looks like just the solution.

regarding the use of the script contchk ,  I was wondering if you would have
time to give me an example from maybe your bb-host file of how to include
the contchk tag?

My bb-host is laid out to specify categories and each category then has a
list of hosts files that it can check for http and url check strings etc, so
I wasn't sure if i should add the contchk;url;referrer;string to my bb-host
or in the specific file that refers to the website and url that is being

for example:
** lets say it is on a server called *ssnrig10227* and that
category of sites is called *test*

i would say:

subpage tests test
group-except netstat|http|wcontent test
include test/ssnrig10227

Then I would have in a file at $BBHOME/etc/hobbit/test/ssnrig10227

10.xx.xx.xx   ssnrig10227                      # NAME:"PA - ssnrig10227 -
10.xx.xx.xx " cont;;Login

hope that makes sense and thanks for the use of your work

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