[hobbit] hobbit client

Stef Coene stef.coene at docum.org
Wed May 6 19:56:40 CEST 2009

On Wednesday 06 May 2009, Gabriel Petrescu wrote:
> not really..
> I try to follow this example:
> http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/System_Monitoring_with_Hobbit/Other_Docs/HOWTO
> but without success. there is something missing...
hobbit is renamed in xymon.

So where it says ~hobbit directory, it is more like 
~hobbit_installation_directory.  And this is hobbit for the old release and 
xymon for the new release.
To be more confusing, the names of the config files and directory's still 
refer to hobbit and not to xymon.

If you replace all cases of ~hobbit with ~xymon on that page, the instructions 
should work.


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