Filesize Monitoring hobbit-client.cfg

Schwarz Frank Frank.Schwarz at
Mon May 4 12:59:14 CEST 2009


i would like to monitor filesize on Solaris10 SPARC (Client and Server), e.g. /var/log/lastlog

I put in hobbit-clients.cfg
FILE /var/adm/lastlog SIZE<200 yellow

and in client-local.cfg

The following Error occured:

yellow /var/adm/lastlog
File has size 1203432656470216  - should be <8585729928

And these are the Fileinfos:
type:100000 (file)
mode:444 (-r--r--r--)
owner:0 (root)
group:0 (root)
clock:1241430381 (2009/05/04-11:46:21)
atime:1241430300 (2009/05/04-11:45:00)
ctime:1241430271 (2009/05/04-11:44:31)
mtime:1241430271 (2009/05/04-11:44:31)

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