Hobbit_Perl_Client v1.20

Francesco Duranti fduranti at q8.it
Tue Jun 30 17:09:20 CEST 2009

Hi all...

Finally after a bit of time I was able to create a new version of the hobbit_perl_client (monitor of databases, netapp filers, bea WLS). The download also includes a patch for xymon servers related to graph display for version 4.2.3/4.3.0-beta2/4.4.0.
You can find the download here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/hobbit-perl-cl/

What's changed in the last version:

 General - v1.20
- Add +time on the status message only if HOBBIT is defined (don't use it for BB).
- Added patches for xymon 4.2.3 / 4.3.0-beta2 / 4.4.0

dbcheck.pl - v1.09
- Corrected a bug with custom checks running every time instead of running only when defined (fast|medium|slow).
- Added a check for mysql thread warning/alerts.
- Changed the tablespace report to show Size as the MaxSize of the Tablespace instead of the Allocated Space.  The %Used is now calculated on the MaxSize and not on the Allocated Space so that you don't get alerts if the tablespace can grow with AutoExtend.
- Added tablespace checks for mysql and changed tablespace checks for sqlserver.
- Added a "version=8|9" for db2 database in the config file and changed some query to reflect the version.

netapp.pl - v1.20
- New tests included: vol status, aggr status, iscsi (various commands), nfsstat, lun (various commands), priority check on volumes, asis deduplication checks and reports.
- New report format for disk/inode/snapshot. In disk report you can see ASIS% and aggregate where the volume reside. In the inode and snapshot report you can see where the volumes reside.   Before changing the new report mode for DF you MUST patch the xymon server or the rrd for disk graphs will not be created anymore
- Created new patches for xymon 4.2.3 and 4.3.0-beta2 and 4.4.0
- Added some instruction on README.bbhosts to divide tests on 2 or more rows  (number of test is starting to be high to go on a single row).
- Added support for diskless gateway from Netapp (V-Series) and IBM (N-Series).  You should add diskless=yes to the filer configuration.
- Changed display of df disk and snapshot space report to display as df -h instead of Kb.
- Corrected some bug related to Environment report on older NetApp filer
- Added a license check that will report as alert if there's any license that is expired on the filer and warning if a license will expire in less then the parameter "licensewarning" defined in the netapp.ini file (default is 30 days).

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