[hobbit] Xymon roadmap

Denis denis at crewhub.net
Fri Jun 26 14:50:53 CEST 2009

Rich Smrcina wrote:
> On February 9, Henrik posted the following roadmap to the list.  I 
> haven't heard much lately so I don't know if it has changed.
> Version 4.4:
> * SNMP support for data collection
> * Status updates based on data collected in the RRD files (this is
>  really nice - essentially, *any* value you put into an RRD file
>  can trigger a new or modified status in Xymon. So you could eg.
>  change the status of your "http" test to go red, if the response
>  time of a webpage exceeds 5 seconds).
> * Status "flap" handling, to catch statuses that change rapidly.
> Version 4.5:
> * Support for communication between clients and Xymon to use 
>  compression and/or encryption.
> * Support for client authentication via SSL certificates (so
>  you cannot spoof a client message).
> Version 4.6:
> * Revised web interface - eliminate the need for webserver-based
>  authentication, and provide more fine-grained authorization
>  for the various Xymon components.
> * Per-user custom login pages, so the login will always show those
>  systems that the user has responsibility for / is allowed to
>  access.
> Somewhere along the road I will also introduce a new "ping" test
> daemon - I am getting to the point where ping'ing all hosts take 
> longer than 5 minutes (I have a lot of hosts). So something needs
> to be done, and I think I know how to do it.

Has someone an idea of the possibles releases regarding this mail of 
henrik for the year coming ?

Kind regards,


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