[hobbit] Hobbit Graphs by cron

Josh Luthman josh at imaginenetworksllc.com
Thu Jun 25 16:29:50 CEST 2009

All the data is stored every few minutes.  If you want to see it from a
certain time period, you just zoom in.  Does that not work for what you

If and when you zoom in and find the graph for the time period you want,
using Firefox you just right click on the background, go to View Page Info
and click Media at the top.  You'll find the image in the list here.  Note
right-clicking the image will make it zoom out.

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On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 10:23 AM, Stef Coene <stef.coene at docum.org> wrote:

> On Thursday 25 June 2009, Paul Ward wrote:
> > I want to be able to create a history of cpu usage.
> > Everyday I want a cron job or some oher method to generate a graph
> > image and save it to disk.
> >
> > These graphs can be used to track the history of the server over a
> > longer time than 48hours.
> >
> > I thought the attached url explains a method that can generate the
> > graphs for me.
> If you right click on a graph and select the link (it depends on the
> browser
> you use), you can use wget to save the graphs daily.
> On the other hand, why ?  There are 4 graphs dispayed and you can zoom in
> on
> the graphs if you want more detail.
> Stef
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